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Aurora Diamond was founded in 2015 by a group of young jewelers in Hong Kong who want to alternate the detiorating business pratice in jewelry industry. With comprehensive information and objective advice, Aurora Diamond is your ultimate partner for jewelries. Every steps of growth will be our motivation to improve customer services and share business cost instead of exaggerated marketing or branding, which help the company to work towards its mission to reveal the true values of diamonds to general public.

As internet sales were developing in an ever-fastest pace, worsening selling practices, e.g. provision of selective information, insufficient education, or misleading advise, is also prevailing in the market. Jewelers were no longer perceived as trustworthy professionals but instead relentless sales striving for their sales target. The situation of bad money outplaying good money that Gresham's theory predicted is become reality in the industry. Lots of traditional quality jewelers loss their room of survival due to increasing cost bidded up by relentless competitors.

Aurora's jewelers first established their connections in 2011. A group of young jewelers sharing the same vision to promote the true values of diamonds were gathered by founder Thomas Lam. Although the boom in chinese demand boost the market sales to record level, they all agreed that the immoral atmosphere won't be sustainable in long term. The idea to build up a supply chain that shares the clearest value of diamonds jewelries to public was adopted and began.

The first introductory materials on diamonds quality was designed for general public in 2012. It is a 30 minutes presentation provided to all customer before selecting diamond. And this reinforce the mission of Aurora Diamond to promote the true value of diamond.

In late 2012, Thomas decided to establish long-term partnership with a Hong Kong manufacturing workshop. The workshop was formed by a group of experienced local jewelry master. Modern production processes such as 3D graphic deisgn and immediate molding plateform were combined with masters' 30 years of experience. The highest industrial standard were achieved and this provides a solid foundation to design and manufacture different masterpiece in an effective way.

In early 2014, the first millions dollars deal appeared for a 6.21 Carat D Color Flawless Diamond. Business of the group of jewelers continues to grow to a historical level and they agreed it is the moment to further promote their business values. A symbol or a brand is needed for the team and therefore, "Aurora Diamond" was designed and established.

Aurora Diamond is designed for value seekers. We offer comprehensive solution to all customer sectors' jewelry needs. All our services were designed based on our mission to help customer discover the value of diamond. This do not only help to save unecessary premium and avoid market traps, but also find the masterpiece customer really looking for.


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