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Looking for your dream diamond is a journey alike searching aurora. If you do not process adequate basics knowledge together with updated market information, probably you will end up either with a wrong thing or paying too much.

We provide total solution to your jewelry needs, from GIA diamonds to pearls, from classic engagement ring to exceptional masterpieces. 

1. Tell us your needs

Listening is the first step of our services. If you are looking for any diamond jewelry, please Ask for Quote by providing some basic information. We will provide you a list of choices base on your information for your reference. If you have other inquiries, please feel free to contact us by any means listed in the Contact Us page.

3. Meet with us face to face

Diamond's value varies a lot depending on different quality factors. It is often that consumers process insufficient or biased understanding on diamond. By meeting with us, we can provide you some basic knowledge, objective advise and hand-ons examination on the real diamonds. If it is revealed that the choices provided before do not actually meet your needs, more suitable choices can be provided thereafter.

5. Examine your masterpiece

Examining the final product is one of the most important stage to ensure everythings stick closely to your original expectation. Equipment will be provided to examine the GIA laser inscription on diamond, and you can also get into the finishing of jewelry to make sure it give you the best features to fulfil your buying purposes.

2. Review the list of Quotes

Our list of quotation usually comes with at least several choices. Different combination of quality factors within your budget and purposes will be provided. You can review and ask for further choices or additional information such as GIA certificate based on your needs.

4. Decide on your jewelry design

After locating your dream diamond, you can select between our exclusive designs or request a tailor made services base on your idea. We will stay close with you throughout the process of designing and manufacturing. Our agile local production workshop can finish urgent standard orders within 3 days or complex tailor made design in a month with different add-ons such as free laser inscription services.

6. Enjoy aftersales services

It is never the end of the relationship between us after sales. We continues to provide the best aftersales serivces such as jewelry renewal sevices, modification of designs or changing the sizes of ring at reasonable price depending on your needs. We strive to preserve the values of jewelries.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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